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Unwanted Clothes=JOY 💛

Did a friend visit and left back some great clothes that aren't your size?

Did you receive a present that just doesn't match your style?

Are you consigning items but don't want your unsold items back?


This is your chance to turn these unwanted clothes into joy and create a positive impact in our community!


Back in January, I was invited by one of the women in our consignors’ community to join the 100 Women Who Care San Miguel meeting at the Rosewood. I was surprised to see so many friendly faces getting together aiming to support a good cause in San Miguel.

The group’s straightforward approach to fundraising, the selection of NGOs, and the joyful vibe of all these women putting their hearts together to give back to our community inspired me to create the 100 Women Who Care - Yellow Boutique Donation Program

By donating your clothes to this program you help us to:

  • Keep reducing fashion waste

  • Support different causes in our community by transforming your unwanted clothes into money that goes directly to their needs


How can you be part of this program?


Option 1

Direct Donation

· Choose items you want to donate to our program

*You can consign these items along with your regular consignment batch. The items you select for donation will be submitted to the 100 WWC consignment account. The items you don't want to donate will be submitted separately into your own consignment account.

· Items consigned under the program will be subjected to the same terms as a regular consignment

(Excellent condition, cleaned and pressed. Only the split varies) Click here to check out our guidelines

· 65% of the earnings of each item sold will be reserved to buy ballots at the 100 WWC meetings

(Yellow Boutique will only keep 35% of the earnings to cover operational costs)


Ready to donate?

Book an appointment at this link


Option 2

Donate your unsold items

· Any item that didn't sell within 90 days of your consignment agreement can make the difference

*If you choose to donate your unsold items, these will be transferred to our Donation Rack where all items are priced at 95 pesos

· 100% of the earnings from our Donation Rack are reserved to buy ballots at the 100 WWC meetings

To learn more about 100 Women Who Care visit their website or read this Atención article


Curious about their next meeting?

Join in next Monday, October 17, 2022

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

At the Rosewood Outdoor amphitheater with all Covid protocols in place

(Rosewood Hotel at Nemesio Diez 11)


Hope to see you soon at La Yellow! Don't miss out on our 15% off End-Of-Season Sale and our everyday discounts. *Only with cash payments

Keep Shining 💛✨


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