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The magical portal of music

Have you ever been struck by a song? It hits you, and suddenly you're whisked away to a memory, a feeling, a whole entire vibe. It's like a musical portal, right? ✨

We get it at Yellow Boutique. We're all about unleashing the awesome within everyone who walks through our doors, and music is a giant part of that!

That's why we're so pumped to share our Spotify playlists with you! 🎉 Just like the unique treasures you find at our shop, these playlists are stories waiting to be explored. From feel-good anthems to classic jazz, bluesy grooves, rockin' riffs, and even some swoon-worthy boleros, there's a little something for everyone.

Discover your ideal playlist! 🎶 Scroll down for quick descriptions of our Spotify collections ⬇️

Feeling Jazzy 🍷

Take a trip through time with some smooth jazz, timeless blues, and classic melodies. Perfect for sipping on a drink and letting the nostalgia wash over you

Feeling Funky 🕺🏻

A groove-tastic mix that'll get your feet movin' and your soul satisfied

Dance & Shine 🪩

Get ready to transcend time with this mix of dance hits from all eras. Crank it up and let the good vibes flow


Mujer Cool 💜

English & Spanish mix to uplift & empower. Dance, smile & unleash your inner strength with cool songs for the coolest mujer (you!)


Mr Yellow 😎

Rock out to a classic mix of rock, blues, and everything in between. All the vibes covered with timeless tunes for movin' and groovin'

Sweet Vibes💕

A playlist is a curated mix of love, hope, and feel-good tunes to soothe your soul


Suena a Bugambilias 🌺

Latin classics, boleros, and sweet Mexican sounds that invite you to close your eyes and imagine a warm sunset, embracing the beautiful landscape of San Miguel de Allende


New Wave Vibes⚡

Unleash your inner cool with this mix of catchy tunes, pulsing synths, and a timeless vibe. Perfect for chilling or letting loose

So, which playlist will you hit play on first? Head over to our Spotify profile and get ready to relive happy memories, discover new musical gems, and maybe even find the perfect soundtrack for your next second-hand adventure. ✨

But wait, it gets better! We want to hear your jams too! Share your favorite playlist with us in the comments or on social media – let's get this musical party started! 🎶

Sending you all the good vibes! ✌️


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