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Sharing is caring, San Miguel style

Photo: Fundación Amor del Bueno

Helping others should be easy ✨

At Yellow Boutique, we believe helping others shouldn't be a hassle. That's why we set up a donation network so our awesome community can easily declutter and give back by turning their pre-loved clothes into resources for amazing causes right here in San Miguel 🌟

Photo: Fundación Amor del Bueno

One of those causes is the Fundación Amor del Bueno 💙. We donated funds to them through the 100 Women Who Care fundraiser.

In the last meeting, we raised an incredible $82,100 MXN!

$5,300 MXN of that came from Yellow Boutique, thanks to our amazing consignors 💛 who donated their unsold items.

Photo: Fundación Amor del Bueno

Fundación Amor del Bueno 💙, is a rockstar organization fighting to end relationship violence. They empower young people with tools to spot healthy relationships and run life-saving education programs in our community.

Big shout-out to them for changing lives with love and dedication! 👏👏👏


Here are two easy ways:

1. yellow Boutique - 100 WWC DONATION PROGRAM

Already consigning with us? Sweet! When your agreement ends, you can choose to donate your clothes. We'll mark them down an extra 25%, and the profits go straight to our quarterly donation fund. Easy peasy! 😉

Photo: Mary Finley


Got clothes that aren't quite "consign-worthy" but still have life in them? Tossed them in our bin and help reduce fashion waste at the same time! Every month, local heroes Asilo Alma and Patronato Pro Niños collect the donations, sell them, and use the funds to help those in need. It's a triple win: you declutter your closet, give clothes a second life, and support a good cause! 🥳

Every donation, big or small, makes a real difference in our community and our planet 🌿

Let's keep the good karma flowing together!

See you soon,


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